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Deadline Extended! Submit Art Today!

We’ve got great energy going on instagram and twitter about ‪#‎blkgrlswurld‬ from this weekend’s events. Let’s keep it going!

Blkgrl Sept Exnteded Deadline

Do you know a Sci-fi Girl? Tell us about her in this month’s Zine!

The Zine is international and open to anyone who supports women in Rock, Punk and Hardcore Metal- Be it on the stage or in the crowd!

The theme for this edition is “Sci-fi Girl” Check out last month’s Zine here

Submit Art or Questions to

Extended Deadline is October 10, 2014 | 7p.m. Eastern Time

This project is FREE because we hate paying to participate in things.

The Zine will be a free digital download shared on Twitter, Facebook and our sites on tumblr & wordpress. Art should be 5.5in x 8.5in. The 8 page book can be printed and folded with standard 8.5in x 11in paper. That way you can print/trade/share as many as you like.

*Artists are free to submit multiple times*

Please note, some entries may be posted on the #BLKGRLSWURLD website, but may not be featured in the Zine. Artists will be credited throughout.

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