The Annual Lestat Coronation Ball #NOLA

This Halloween #blkgrlswurld caught up with Anne Rice and crew at the UnDead Convention in New Orleans to celebrate the debut of her new book Prince Lestat. The Vampire Lestat Coronation Ball is an annual formal where fans come together for all things goth, vintage and vampy. The costumes were so cool! My lil sis and I spent a bit too much on our formal gowns but other folks went all out with hand made bodices and Victorian hoop skirt dresses. The men were in top hats, formal suits and tuxedos 😀

My favorite part was the wild and feathery parade troop that escorted Anne rice into the venue. There was music, dancing and huge elaborate costumes that made me feel as if I had been transported to a Haitian music festival.

The evening featured several talented bands and vocalists and as they performed on stage to some of New Orleans best dressed, the old film Nosferatu played on loop in the background. I’m glad we checked out this event for sure and am really pleased with Anne’s return to the world of the Vampire Chronicles.

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