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Every Time I Die & The Ghost Inside co-headline at Webster Hall


Hardcore rock and metal fans descended upon Webster Hall during a chilly Friday night to wild out at one of the largest shows Every Time I Die has ever performed. With some 30+ stops on this tour, the band has been making music for over 15 years and released a new album this year called From Parts Unknown. Architects (UK), Hundredth and Backtrack opened the show.

The great thing about tours that feature several bands is the variety of rock styles you can sample. If the bands are different enough, music cliques will start claiming space in different areas around the stage. The punks stand in the back of the room while the hardcore rock is playing and the thrashers glare in disbelief at the kids chanting melodic metalcore anthems. On a good night you might discover a new band with a style you hadn’t thought you’d enjoy so much. That’s what happened to me.

Architects (UK), 12/2014 by C.Long
Architects (UK), 12/2014 by C.Long

I mainly came to the show for the Architects (UK) who I’ve been following for years and have seen headline at Webster Hall in the past. They are quick to react to the initial energy of the crowd and responded in kind with an intense performance of “Broken Cross” off of their latest album Lost Forever // Lost Together.

Flash forward to The Ghost Inside, which for whatever reason kept making me picture Jay and Silent Bob floating above the crowd for songs about angsty relationships and independence. Followed by Every Time I Die, which at first sounded like classic 1980s punk rock with the brief songs and hyper lyrics, but as the show went on I came to see they had versatile musical styles that kept me engaged. The crowd went the wildest for them as they performed hits like, “Decaying with the Boys” off of their new album From Parts Unknown. The show really felt like a celebration of their years of hard work and Warped Tour trials and tribulations. As the moshing and crowd surfing reached a fever pitch, one man with a caste leg and crutches flailing in the air was carried to the front of the stage. Once there, he was greeted by lead vocalist Kieth Buckley who shook his hand and mouthed, “Hey brother!”

Overall I enjoyed the good vibes of each band and look forward to becoming more familiar with Every Time I Die’s past records. #

-Written by #blkgrlswurldZINE

Every Time I Die, 12/2014 by C.Long
Every Time I Die, 12/2014 by C.Long

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