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Alesana Debuts New Album at Webster Hall

The kings of melodic metalcore returned to Webster Hall this month with more energy and wild antics than ever before to celebrate their forthcoming fifth studio album, Confessions, which is set to release on April 21. Having over 10 years of experience making music and touring the world, it’s great to see them merging some of their old post-hardcore style with new ideas and narratives.

Up and coming bands Capture the Crown, The Browning, Conquer Divide, and The Funeral Portrait opened for the headliners and will join them throughout the month long tour.

There’s a lot of pop punk nonsense out there touring the States these days, high school kids with jet black Beiber hair and hipster tattoos performing dubstep tracks mixed with metal breakdowns. But for those of us who like real metal music, Alesana is an original creation that delivers a live performance as entertaining as their studio recordings.

blkgrlswurld_alesana_websterhall nyc
Dennis Lee, lead heavy vocals


Shawn Milke, lead vocalist
Shawn Milke, lead vocalist

With a strong fan base known as the Alesana Army, the crowd sang along to hit favorites like “Curse of Virgin Canvas” and “The Murderer” from their album The Emptiness. Newer singles like, “Fatima Rusalka” and “Nevermore” were also chanted by the crowd, with surfing bodies, cheers, and jubilant water bottles flying in every direction.

Towards the end of the performance the Webster Hall crowd was exposed to some of their latest work from their new album titled Confessions. It’s clear that these fellas aren’t kids anymore and the album will have a more mature and aggressive sound, steering away from lyrical melodies and relying more on heavy vocals and sudden shifts in rhythm. As a metal-head I couldn’t be happier at this new direction. I suspect it will be a heavier rock sound that’ll be well received by today’s Bring Me the Horizon types.

Known for their concept albums (narrative songs organized in sequential order like an opera) the story takes us deep into Edgar Allen Poe’s world of apocalyptic romance and decadent nightmares explored in their earlier albums, The Emptiness which was released in 2010, and the second one, A Place Where the Sun is Silent which was released in 2011.


Written by #blkgrlswurldZINE // Twitter: @christinalong12

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