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The Used Return to Webster Hall

“Tonight we want you to feel like a child again!” shouted Bert McCracken, lead vocalist of The Used. An Alternative rock band that most of us discovered in high school, The Used celebrated their spring tour with a thematic stage set, cheering with the crowd through playful chants about parental rebellion and angsty relationships.


During the show at Webster Hall, the band didn’t shy away from bringing back some of their greatest hits like, “Take It Away” and “Listening” from their 2004 album In Love and Death. The band also presented some songs from their most recent studio album, Imaginary Enemy, released in April 2014. With a fun exploration of sharp vocals and pop guitars, it’s always fun to hit up these musicians that meant so much to us growing up.

The band was a part of the golden age of post-hardcore bands rocking Top 40 stations in the early 2000s. Their playful performance antics mixed with teenage frustrations and politically conscious lyrics have brought them a devoted fan base similar to bands like Linkin Park, Taking Back Sunday, Weezer and Blink-182.


Teaming up with Every Time I Die, Marmozets and the Eeries for this tour was a great choice as well, allowing for audiences to sample some varying levels of post-hardcore intensity.

With Every Time I Die being a local New York favorite, lead vocalist Keith Buckley encouraged folks to crowd surf their way across the sea of crazed punk rock fans and greet him at the stage.

Every Time I Die (ETID) leaps into crowd

With a heavier sound featuring a southern metal flavor to their frenetic melodies, Every Time I Die welcomed fans to the show with songs like “Thirst” and “Decayin’ With The Boys” from their 2014 album, From Parts Unknown. The performance included a zany moment where guitarist Jordan Buckley jumped into the crowd and snapped every single string off of his guitar.

Do we feel like kids when this sort of rock party goes down? Definitely.

## Written by C.Long MFA

ETID brings heavy rock to the Used Tour

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