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Vans Warped Tour, Long Island Edition

For the past couple of weeks I stared enviously as the gleeful thrill of the Warped Tour flew across my dash and Instagram feeds. No fair! Finally last Monday I decided I wasn’t going to miss out.

Vans Warped Tour holds a stigma for us metalheads between the ages of 21-29 as being a silly little playground for awkward little kids and Hot Topic shoppers. We image their parents waiting outside the venue in air conditioned mini vans while the mosh pits get muddy and fashionably emaciated tweens pass out from heat exhaustion. Admittedly it depends on what town your in as to how much of this nonsense you’ll see.

Lucky for me, I checked out the Long Island tour which was a couple hours outside of Manhattan and situated right on the coast of Jones Beach 😀 So beach weather, ocean waves, And metalcore?! It was so perfect, it felt as if I’d been transported to San Deigo or some such west coast locale. I could almost taste the Red Hot Chili Peppers performing from some apartment rooftop.

Beau Bokan, Vocalist of Blessthefall
Beau Bokan, Vocalist of Blessthefall

The line up for this year’s tour is pretty conservative as they continue to book directly through the smaller indie labels like Epitaph, Fearless, Relapse and Rise records. Not too many unknown artists to discover this time, but it allowed a veteran like me to focus on the real fun to be had with Blessthefall, Escape the Fate, Miss May I, Attilia, Silverstein and Asking Alexandria.

We rocked hard underneath the blaring sun, smaller kids clawing my taller frame like a tree, to leap into the crowd from my shoulders. I still don’t get what the circle pit is supposed to do, there are so few times where I’ve witnessed it actually work and create a robust energy of excitement. Wtf are we on a hamster wheel? I’d rather watch out for wacky karate kicks in the pit than run circles around water tanks and t-shirt stands. Come on.

Jones Beach, Long Island
Jones Beach, Long Island

I am soo happy I checked out the tour this year, no kids, no parents just music, sand and sea. NYC doesn’t have enough metal, metalcore or any other heavy music for my taste so I appreciate how the suburbs still deliver \m/


All photos by blkgrlswurld

Silverstein trying to beat the heat :)
Silverstein trying to beat the heat 🙂
Miss May I, Warped Tour Long Island
Miss May I, Warped Tour Long Island

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