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2 Metal Tours Join Forces In NYC

#August 2015.

It’s a warm summer night and the doors of Webster Hall are sprung wide open, a mix of fans, friends and musicians scurrying up and down the staircase to catch amazing guitar riffs and moshing crowds going simultaneously across three floors of the venue. Over 15 bands spent the evening rocking on three stages, exposing the amazing subgenres and styles that sustain the heavy music scene.

With the Summer Slaughter Tour featuring heavier deathcore bands like the Acacia Strain, Veil of Maya and Arch Enemy, it was great to hear some of the All Stars Tour’s melodic metalcore bands provide the crowd with lighter songs to chant and dance along to. The varying metal styles created a great mix of aggressive deathcore sounds coming out of the main stage while softer more pop like vocals could be heard flowing from below in the Studio space. The All Stars lineup included bands like Dance Gavin Dance, A Skylit Drive and Upon A Burning Body.

Upon A Burning Body performed a great set, as lead vocalist Danny Leal brought high energy to the crowd featuring songs from their most recent albums, “The World Is My Enemy Now” released last year and “Red.White.Green” released in 2012.

Every style of crowd movement could be seen during the night, from booty shaking and stage diving, to circle pits and karate kicks. It’s one of the best benefits of bringing multiple genres of music together and allows for some of the greatest musical moments I’ve ever seen.


Veil of Maya at Webster Hal, August 2015
Veil of Maya at Webster Hal, August 2015

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