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SPNCon New Jersey :)

blkgrlswurld meets J2 at the SPNCon 2015
#blkgrlswurld meets J2 at the SPNCon 2015

In wake of NYC Comic Con coming to a close this weekend, I thought I’d finally share my experience at the CW Supernatural Convention a couple of weeks back. If you fall into pop culture fandoms as much as I do, you’ve probably found yourself ranting on Tumblr about the character arc of the most recent series you’ve binge watched on Netflix. If you haven’t fallen into such traps yet, you must have a life.

Congrats! I suggest you turn on to the next post and ignore all this because this shit be contagious.

After a couple of years of watching Supernatural with my little brother and debating about every creative element, including the writing, special effects, cast and crew- I decided to move forward with attending the local convention vs. a more general annual TV/Movie/Comics conventions that take place in NYC and San Diego.

Idunno how it is at other conventions but #SpnCon is a musical event full of classic rock and tight knit community of long term fans. This year marks the 50th conventions the cast has hosted for the TV series. The house band Louden Swain features some of the show’s secondary cast
and travels around with the convention and acts as host and
entertainment between scheduled panel discussions.

Upon entering the venue and walking over to the registration
table, I was hit with loud screams of glee from giggling girly tweens because Jared Padalecki had chosen that moment to walk across the lobby towards the arena. o.O Not being a giggly tween myself, I didnt really understand most of the fangirling. I’m a fan yeah, but crying? Fainting? Bodyguards keeping me back? No thanks. Everything was chill until my meeting with Jared and Jensen (who play Sam and Dean) later that evening- when I introduced myself I realized that I was intimidated by Jensen and couldn’t look him in the eye-he just seems cranky to me these days, I’m sorry! I all but flung myself into Jared’s arms (the taller one) as if to get away from him and spent our whole conversation focused on Jared. Believe me, I had no idea I felt differently about one vs. other- its something I only discovered in meeting face to face.e

Ah well, now I know- for me, its all about seeking out my interests and going to the source of them to explore why so many of us enjoy the same kinds of experiences.  ##

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