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When Pit Action Goes Awry


It’s the morning after the Acacia Strain show at Webster Hall and I’ve gotta admit- I have some battle scars from last night’s show. Yeesh!

Normally most of us wouldn’t think anything of it, but something about last nights crowd seemed off, with the aggression breaking most of our unwritten rules about moshing.

The show taking place in east village, I wasnt the only one who pegged the question between sets, “So we’re just punching people in the face now?” That’s not the metal scene of over 10 years that I love and trust. Word on the street was that some Long Island kids had come down for the show, and had different idea of what hardcore pits did during a great metalcore breakdown. Mhm.

Still, I found the entire event comical. I’m not a girl who hangs in the shadows avoiding karate kicks, I love the pit energy. At one point the tension between the pit and the surrounding crowd hit a fever pitch. I was knocked backward and fell on my ass laughing- unfortunately a 250lbs. man in front of me was knocked backward and fell with me. I couldn’t tell if he had K.O’d or was just seeing stars, but his limp body kept me pinned down like Gimli during a Lord of the Rings battle. All I could do was outstretch my arms and wait for someone to lift me. (As the unwritten code often dictates, if someone’s down, pick ’em up mofos!) Once people realized this guy wasn’t waking up on his own they helped us up and we all got situated again. I’m glad he was ok. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen moshers get knocked unconscious, wake up and jump back into the pit.



*maybe those Long Island kids could tone it down a bit, metal shows are not a fight club*


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