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Lamb of God and Anthrax in NYC

Quick clips below from last nights mayhem. The #metal schedule during winter on the east coast can be pretty empty so it felt like most metalheads in the city were representing at this show. From the #doom brooders of Brooklyn to the #hardcore jocks of Long Island, men and women alike were Really excited about this show. (I wore my From Autumn to Ashes shirt and got a lot of head turns like, Long Island hardcore? Say whaaaaat?) We’ve all just spent the weekend hiding indoors from the blizzard so the energy was hype in the mosh pits and got wilder as the night wore on.

It was really nice to see Lamb of God perform an extended set, playing for a little over 2 hours some of their greatest songs. I’m still a 3metalcore girl at heart, (blessthefall Wall of Deaths can’t be beat) but there’s no style of metal I can’t appreciate. The thrashy sounds of these 2 bands was a welcomed treat and it was a relief to see so many familiar faces in the crowd. I know I haven’t been to a show in awhile when I start getting nostalgic about the community, walking through the shadows of the crowd- smiling at everyone leaping and crashing about in the thrill of the music…Metal headbanging folks are my people! ;D

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