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Architects (UK) Add New Date To NYC Shows

Livenation details here | March 31 and April 1 at Gramercy Theater, NYC

It’s been tentative for about 2 years whether or not the British metalcore band Architects would be able to tour the United States in promotion of their latest album, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us.

The health of the band’s creator, Tom Searle was quickly declining in 2016 calling for various tour cancellations of sold out shows. By August of 2016 the heavy music world was devastated by the loss of Tom to cancer at the age of 28 and everyone was patiently waiting to hear whether the rest of band wanted to continue on. Anybody would understand them wanting to go into retirement after a decade plus in the scene and the loss of such a close family friend.

But by October, we saw the band rally together and hit the road, seeking to honor Tom’s memory by performing the album released earlier that year. They haven’t stopped since, touring various parts of western and  eastern Europe and now coming to America this Spring.

Here at the zine, we’ve been a long time fan of their technical mathcore roots; first seeing them play at a Grand Rapids bar  about ten years ago. Since then we’ve supported any American tours they’ve had (not many) meeting them at small town Warped Tours and NYC clubs.

You can best believe we’ll be in the front row of Gramercy Theater this Spring holding up a sign in honor of Tom and the amazing music he created with his best mates.


Christina Long Art #blkgrlswurld 2014
Architects (UK), 12/2014 by C.Long
Christina Long Art #blkgrlswurld 2014
Architects (UK), 12/2014 by C.Long

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