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Headbang Bootyshake #1!

Hi all!

Wonderzoning here! Also known as the Editor of Blkgrlswurld Zine and Number II  in the, “Trifecta Studios”. (But we all know I’m the Number 1 Bootyshaker.)  On March 14th at the Masonic Temple in Detroit Michigan,  I saw the Bring Me the Horizon – The American Nightmare Tour. I wanted to share my experience for anyone still thinking about joining them.

A Bit of Background…

If Underoath is playing within an hour of me, I’m there.

I’m sorry, there are no ifs or buts about it. This band left the scene. LEFT. They promised they were never coming back. Sold all their merch (I know cause I made off with some of it). Made a movie about why they were done (I know cause I watched it). Some of their band members actually sold some of their instruments. They were DONE. Then, out of the blue, they came back. They are wildcards! Any show could be their last! So if they are in town go see them!

Oh…I also bought tickets because I have never ever heard Bring Me the Horizon in concert.

But yeah. Underoath!

Buying the Tickets…

Image may contain: night

Wouldn’t that be a funny mix? Migos and Bring Me the Horizon? I mean, I have played Fight Night and then Throne immediately after.

I paid twenty bucks for parking which was a bit of a shock. I am used to paying ten.

When Bring Me the Horizon played in Detroit (BMTH), it was a SOLD OUT SHOW! I probably bought general admission tickets 3 weeks to a month in advance. If I had wanted a actual seat, I would’ve bought as soon as I was notified/on pre-sale.

BMTH is one of those shows that typically sells out pretty quick. They are a band that caters to the young sure, but also a band that caters to that ‘Squad Life’. As in, five of you jokers want to show up at the show together! So if that’s the case, first of all buy early. Second of all, buy from either Ticketmaster, or the box office.

I bought my tickets from Ticketmaster and picked up my tickets from Will Call for free. This put me front and center to watch as fellow headbangers were turned away for FAKE TICKETS.

As in they bought what they THOUGHT were real tickets with a barcode, when in reality were FAKE. So not only could they not get a refund for their tickets because they bought them somewhere shady, they also couldn’t buy new ones because the show was sold out. It was really sad. Be careful folks!  I know the processing fees are crazy, but it’s totally worth the peace of mind of knowing you aren’t going to be turned away. I’m telling ya, even when these kids got their moms to come in, it did NOTHING.

The Venue…

Want to get through the line faster? Be over the age of 21 and announce that you are not drinking. The line for minors wrapped twice around Masonic Temple. This was even after they opened two separate entrances. Me? I only waited 5 minutes because I asked a Security Guard where the box office was and ran into a new line of 5 people that had magically opened before me. MUHAHAHAHA..Sorry. Ahem.

Masonic Temple is old. It has lots of doors and you better remember which one you came out of before you find yourself turned around. Also, the only downside of the show was the sound system. OMG. Songs were breaking up, literally cutting off in the middle.

I KNOW Underoath songs. I know where there are supposed to be pauses, and where there aren’t. So it was kind of horrifying to hear a rift abruptly cut off and click back on. It was kind of funny to see the band mates doing those hand twirling motions and arm waving that meant, “TURN ME UP!!!”  They eventually got it together, but it definitely took away from the performances a bit.

The Masonic Temple also separated Merch tables for the bands into rooms down two different hallways. This was suppose to help with crowd control and ease of access. It accomplished its mission, but in my opinion, was a double edged sword for frugal customers. On the one hand I had a really short line to get a BMTH t-shirt. On the other hand, I then had to actively decide to walk out of the room, go down two more hallways, and turn to the right to get to the Merch table for Underoath. I don’t know about you, but when money is burning in my pocket, it has a short window of less than 5 minutes. The clock starts as soon as my hand releases my debit card from the jaws of life I call my wallet. Once it ends, it ends.

So only one shirt for me, BMTH for $25. Perhaps if I hadn’t paid so much for parking I might have been convinced to get a second shirt or a CD, but naaah. Even I do not know the depths of my own frugality.

The Show…

Beartooth opened and then, Underoath, and Bring Me the Horizon as Headliner.

Spoiler Alert! What a light show! You will not be disappointed. The screens played a lot of interesting graphics and colors that went perfectly with the songs. I did not find them distracting at all, it just added to the ambiance. Plus, Spoiler Alert!!! The confetti cannons were a nice touch! It just made it all the more fun.  The Masonic Temple stage had 2 parts. One lower stage that was crowd height, and the second which was at least 2-3 feet above crowd. This platform was great because it helped give the short people like me, and the people with balcony seats, a chance to see the entire band without peeking through the crease of someone’s elbow that smells suspiciously like pizza.

Which is crazy because there was no pizza.



They played first. I actually could not get a picture of them because my phone decided to die and go to heaven. I have never really heard them before, but the crowd went wild for them. They loved it. I came in the middle of their set and had to squeeze my way through the crowd.



Pro Tip. When the band stops playing, everyone goes to get beer. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE. I was able to slip and slide my way closer to the pit with ease. The band seemed pretty happy to be back on stage but I am still sensing a bit of nervousness from them. Like they are wondering if they are still revelant to the scene. Judging from the crowd, it’s a resounding YES.

Image may contain: one or more people, crowd, night and concert Is he doing the dip? I’m still waiting on the Tootsie Roll follow-up move!

Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage, concert, night and crowd
I see you Spencer! Mr. Long Hair Don’t Care!

Favorite Song: Breathing in a New Mentality


Bring me the Horizon

Lead singer definitely brought his A- game and gave the kids what they want. I know he’s been having voice/throat issues. Crowd kept commenting they were so surprised he hit the high notes for us! Whatever the case, the crowd also proved that if he skipped a couple of words they could definitely fill it in for him!

Image may contain: one or more people, night, concert and crowd
Confetti Cannons!
I wasn’t really a fan of lyrics on the screen, but I can’t say no to a pretty picture.

Image may contain: one or more people, concert, crowd and night

Image may contain: one or more people, concert and night

Image may contain: one or more people, concert, night and indoor

Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage, concert and night

Favorite Songs: Doomed, Can you Feel My Heart

Stay tuned for a shorter article containing tips and tricks for surviving Rock Shows

but until then,

I hope y’all continue headbanging and Bootyshaking your heart out!


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