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Supporting Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico

I’ve been struggling to find an organization on the ground in Puerto Rico that I can trust with actually helping victims in real time. Over the past few years we have seen failed relief projects from international non profits like the Red Cross; black and brown bodies lost in Haiti and New Orleans because of poor leadership and the mismanagement of funds. When I donate I want to make sure the cash doesn’t get chipped off into some millionaire’s pocket.

I’ve finally found an organization that is vouched for by Ms. Cruz, the Mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico who has been in the trenches since the beginning. Operation Blessing has come up often during her interviews about first responders and in the video below she confirms it. Let’s all continue to donate goods, services and funding to the local orgs on the island and other teams that are really trying to make an impact down there.

Furthermore, its important that we check on the checks we write, lets not lose sight of these relief programs 6 months from now. We should all try to check in and see if organizations are making an impact and how we can continue to help.

More details on supporting Operation Blessing >

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