In the Scene: Adam Warren, Vocalist of the band Oceano

I first discovered Oceano a few years back when Webster Hall was still open  on the lower east side of Manhattan. Webster Hall was hosting the annual Summer Slaughter Tour and metal bands were performing across three floors of the building in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. I strolled into the main stage and could hardly see, fog machines and laser lights had washed out anything worth seeing into dark shadows and odd shapes. But, I could hear the band, and what I heard was as heavy as it gets.

Adam Warren is the lead vocalist of Oceano, providing some of the deepest, growling sounds in the deathcore scene. We got a chance to chat with Adam a bit during this Black History Month as we celebrate the visibility of Black Metalheads in the scene.

Thanks for chatting with us a bit a man, share with us a little about where you are from?
“I’m from the south suburbs of Chicago but currently live in Salt Lake City, UT with my girlfriend and our two cats Gandalf and Parzival. To some extent I did travel growing up, as I lived in Atlanta,GA for a short while as a kid with my mother until we eventually moved back to Illinois before I started middle school.”
How did you first get into music and singing? What were your fav music styles?
“I got into predominantly heavy music right around middle school through friends I made when transferring schools. Before then I wasn’t really exposed or interested in any types of music so it was a new and exciting experience for me. Lately my favorite music to listen to is R&B. I’m sad to say I don’t know how to play any other instruments aside from using my voice. I do feel I’m a bit over due with learning SOMETHING though.”
There’s a lot of different types of metal out there; How did you first learn about Death metal specifically?
“I was fairly aware of it’s existence as a genre but didn’t really gain an interest in delving deeper and discovering until I and my friends began to go to concerts and become exposed to heavier music than what we were currently listening.”
What’s your favorite part about making music with Oceano?
“I really enjoy the collaborative approach of creating music with the other musicians in the band. I like bouncing ideas of each other and working as a team to create something we all enjoy and also feel others will be moved by.”
What have been some great accomplishment moments with Oceano?
“I think existing as a band for about 11-12 years is a great accomplishment for any band. Us having released 5 full length albums is also pretty wild to realize.”
Since you are a gamer, any opinion you’d like to share about Kingdom Hearts 3? My sibs and I have waited years for it to come out- now I’m wondering it was worth the hype?
“Too be honest, I’m not too much of a fan for the series (I’m more of a Super Mario/Nintendo fan) but I do have alot of friends and girlfriend who are very into the series. From what I’ve seen and been told, it seems to be living up the hype though which is nice to hear people excited about.”