vice-logo “Christina Long Is Opening Up the Mosh Pit for Black Women” February 22, 2018. By Amirah Mercer, photos by Maroon World “These Black Women Are Building Empowering Spaces in New York City.” February 1, 2018. By Amirah Mercer, photos by Maroon World – Creators Project. “9 Zines by Black and PoC Artists That You Need to Read Right Now” Jan. 31, 2017 by Antwaun Sargent

mic-com-logo.jpg “Zeal and Ardor are blending black metal and traditional songs Black people sang during slavery.”  .  and Wilbur L. Cooper

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Lenny Letter. “Lies My Sister Told Me (Or How I Survived My First Wall of Death)” May 22, 2018 by Courtney Long

sachs program logoThe Sachs Program for Arts Innovation, 2019 Grant Awards: Christina Long Punk Fest


Hyperallergic. The View from the NY Art Book Fair Zine Tent: 8 Zines You Want to Know About September 21, 2018 by Deena ElGenaidi

Hyperallergic. Peruse a Zine and Self-Published Photo Book Fair Like It’s Your Private Library” June 13, 2017 by

Hyperallergic.“From a Beirut Lit Journal to a Kim Kardashian Tabloid, Highlights from BABZ Fair 2017” June 5, 2017 by Megan N. Liberty

Empire Coven. Profile on Christina and Courtney Long, Sisters forge an amazing community by creating a zine dedicated to WoC involved in the world of heavy music. March 9, 2019.

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Clocktower Radio interview with Paper Cuts Zine.


Courier Journal. “#BlackArtMatters’ exhibit at Carnegie Center” Jan. 26, 2017 by 

eye of photgrpahy

The Eye of Photography. The Baxter Street Zine Faire in New York”  June 14, 2017 by