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Local Self-Publishing Resources For the NYC Metro Area (Note that COVID-19 has impacted many operating hours at shops)

Nonprofit/Grants: (1) Scholarship for a free printmaking class at the Manhattan Graphics Center. (2) Women’s Studio Workshop Grants/Residencies

Printshops/Classes: Self printing and publishing usually takes big ass machines you can only find in an educational print shop. So a lot of people take classes where they get access to make a zine…sometimes its cheaper to make books ourselves this way, rather than hiring a commercial printshop and paying hundreds of dollars. 
Risograph Classes: Very popular print format seen in zine fairs for low cost book making. In fact, most NYC zinesters use these same few Riso printers.

Commercial Printing: Sometimes its just faster to order out, but it can be really pricey if there’s color printing involved. Here’s a couple places that are popular in the zine scene:

  • Printkeg is the most affordable spot I have found, with solid products. I wouldnt send an art book or coffee table book here. Just magazine and such.
  • Linco: Custom Newspaper Style Printing in Black and White…I havent used this service in BK but I’ve met alot of other zinesters who have. 
  • Printful: For Swag and Merch Fulfillment. I just signed up for this and really like it so far. They fulfill Tshirt/Prints orders on demand so that artists dont have to buy 100s of stock upfront. We share the rev with the company, but it still beats me sitting with $500 worth of shirts stacked in my apartment. 

Zine and Artists Book EventsPrinted Matter is probably the staple artists book shop in NYC. Bluestockings is probably the largest inclusive one. There are smaller distros sprinkled across the city like Office Magazine Shop.