A Podcast About Zines? Yes!

With my hours long commute in NYC, I am listening to more podcasts now than any other time in my life. Not all podcasts are created equal, it takes some effort to tell a story or provide heavy news in 30+ minutes without me cutting you off for my tailored music playlists.

Lend your ears to this little project we found on Spotify. The Zine Collector 😀

“Hosted by Jaime Nyx from Sea Green Zines, The Zine Collector covers current events and fun things happening in the zineverse as well as other zine-related topics.”

Their latest podcast covers best practices for selling zines online, give it a try!



Paper Cuts Radio Interview w/ Zine-makers

Click here to listen to Paper Cuts field team Christopher Kardambikis, Christina Long, and Arno Mokros roam the Paper Jam Fest-organized zine fair at Primal Screams –an event featuring underground bands and video premieres, and presented in collaboration between Clocktower and Times Square Arts at a massive movie theater in Times Square on March 15, 2016.

Many thanks to Chris Kardambikis of Paper Cuts for inviting #Blkgrlswurld Zine to participate!


Paper Jamhttp://paperjamfest.tumblr.com/
Mary Shynehttp://maryshyne.com/
Kat Fajardohttp://www.katfajardo.com/
Vreni Stollbergerhttp://www.stillvreni.com/
Hazel Newleavanthttp://newlevant.com/
Stephanie Mannheimhttp://www.stephaniemannheim.com/portfolio/
The Bettyshttp://www.thebettys.com/
Mike Taylorhttp://late-era-clash.tumblr.com/
Alabaster Pizzohttp://www.alabasterpizzo.com/
Robert Richburghttp://www.robertrichburg.com/
Suxy Xhttps://suzyx.wordpress.com/
AT Pratthttp://atpratt.net/
Suffragette City Magazinehttp://www.suffragettezine.com/
Fvck the Mediahttp://www.fvckthemedia.com/
Paper Cutshttp://clocktower.org/series/paper-cuts

Originally aired 4/4/16

Source: http://clocktower.org/show/primal-screams-zine-fest